Friday, July 26, 2013

How often do you choose DIET SODA over WATER?

Which of these two drinks do you prefer? It's easy to pick the soda over water...who cares, it's just soda, right? 

I used to always get a large diet coke/pepsi and then I'd order the Whopper or BigMac and large fries, too...ha!! My husband would always ask me, "Why are you drinking a diet soda with the type of food you're eating?"  Of course, I took offense to that question, but reality was TRUTH! I just didn't want to listen!

We've always heard that soda is not good for you...and I'm sure you also know that Diet Soda isn't any better! I continued to drink Diet soda a lot during the first two years that I was changing my lifestyle to be more "healthy."

When I learned more about clean eating, I stopped drinking diet sodas, stopped using splenda, stopped eating/drinking ANYTHING with splenda or the other fake sugars.  I was amazed at how different I felt when I started drinking MORE WATER!!  I also drink a lot of Green Tea either plain or sweetened with a little bit of natural honey (when I make it at home).

I'm not perfect...I will admit that I still drink a diet soda every now and then...but RARELY!!  It's in the fridge at my workplace...readily available to me 5 days a week, and for free! Talk about TEMPTATION!!  But, when I stay strong in my choices, and choose to not drink the diet soda...I feel so much better!  Some days, I know that I don't drink enough that's my daily goal...keep drinking that water!!  You may have heard this...but you should drink about half your weight in ounces of water on a daily basis!

CHALLENGE TO YOU:  Put down that soda...and drink more water!! I challenge you to journal about how you feel and the changes that you see.

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