Friday, August 2, 2013

Skinny Rules to Follow

Over a year ago, I heard about Bob Harper's new book called "The Skinny Rules."  I never did buy the book, but I read through his 20 Skinny Rules...and loved them!!  This month, I'm going to talk more about the skinny rules, and share my own thoughts on how I've incorporated them in my daily routine of eating healthier.

If you follow these Skinny Rules, it will keep you on track to losing weight and living a wonderful, healthy life!  The KEY is to stick with them...this is a lifestyle change...not a temporary quick fix to lose the weight fast...then go back to your old eating habits.  It doesn't won't work...and you'll gain the weight back...I guarantee it!!

So all of  2012, I had been stuck!  I had been at the same weight (hit a plateau) for over a year.  No matter how much I exercised in the week, my eating habits weren't the best at times, and I couldn't lose any more weight.

At the beginning of 2013, I got more serious about eating CLEAN foods, (eating minimal processed foods), and began to faithfully follow the majority of these skinny rules!!

ONE rule that has made a huge impact on my weight loss in just the past 6 months...has helped me break the longest plateau I had been on...and helped me in losing about 14 lbs is: 

 ***  RULE #7  ***

Is this a hard rule to follow?  YES, at first..but don't give up!!! It WORKS and is KEY to breaking through a plateau if you're experiencing that like I was.  Or, if you're close to your goal weight, it will help you achieve that sooner than later! If you have a lot of weight to lose, you will see the pounds and inches DROP like crazy!! The more consistent you are with following this rule and the other will be successful!!

What I LOVE about this rule is that you can still enjoy complex carbohydrates (whole grain bread, oatmeal, pasta, etc.) for breakfast AND lunch.  It's important for your body to have complex stores them for long term energy, and the fiber keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time.  But, it takes longer for your body to digest and burn off complex carbs...which is why you need to stop eating them in the late afternoon/evening.  I'm sure Bob Harper has a better explanation in his book than I do, but if you think about really does makes sense!!  When you stick to just eating lean protein and veggies in the evenings, you wake up in the mornings feeling better and not bloated from a heavy meal the night before.  I challenge you to just try it for one week and journal about how you're feeling in the mornings and if you lose any weight.

Please leave a comment on your thoughts about the "Skinny Rules" and if you have any questions...I would love to try and help you any way that I can.

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