My new goal for 2013 is to run a Marathon! I just decided to start training about 6 weeks ago!  I'm planning to register for the Denver Rock 'N Roll Marathon on October 20th.  I decided to follow Coach Jenny's Run/Walk Marathon Training plan because I interval run/walk during longer runs, and I really love her Run/Walk training plan.  I can run solid now for about 8-9 miles without 2-3 minute walking intervals....which is a huge milestone for me!! It's hard to get out for longer runs in the morning because I also work full time, but when I do get up and go running early in the entire day goes much better!!   
My first official MEDAL!!

Finishing my first HALF MARATHON - 2:48:11

Classic 10K - July 21, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO

Ran the race with a friend of mine,
Naomi Thomas!  Lots of fun!!

Crossing the FINISH line!!

BolderBoulder 10K - May 30, 2012

Getting ready before the start!
BolderBoulder has over 50,000 participants!!
So much FUN!!!!
Ran this race with my friend, Stephanie!! She
is the one that encouraged me to do it!!
The race ends in the Colorado CU Buffs
Stadium...such a THRILL!!  So MANY people!!

May 5, 2012
A longggg hill for the first mile!!!
Ready, Set, Go!!!
Crossing the FINISH LINE!!
Final Time: 58:32:64 (11:43 min pace)

My first race - St. PATRICK'S DAY 5K RACE
March 18, 2012
Running a race with friends is always more enjoyable!
I love having my family with me for
support when I run in a race!!
Crossing the FINISH LINE!!!
Time: 35:35:55 (Pace: 11:28 per mile)

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