Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Back...Healthier & Stronger 4 Life!

It's been a year since I did anything on my blog, and it's time for a FRESH new look and new focus!! I hope you like the changes I've made…it’s still a work in progress over the next few weeks!
Many thoughts go through my mind on a daily basis that I want to share with others on how they can become HEALTHIER and STRONGER in all areas of their life: spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally!  Over the last 3 ½ years of my journey to losing weight and getting healthier, I’ve experienced many ups and downs. I can honestly say that my personal walk with God has become stronger as He has been and will always be my source of strength in overcoming my food addiction and emotional eating habits.  I no longer look to food as my comfort. My marriage has become stronger, and I’m a better mother to my 3 kids.  I'm finally within a few pounds of my GOAL weight and 1 POINT away from the "healthy" BMI!!  I've gone from "Obese" to "Overweight" and I'm currently at a 26 BMI.
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is calling me to share my testimony and be an inspiration to others who are on the road to getting healthy and fit!  I’m not here to promote a “fad” diet…and I’m not here to sell you anything.  I’m here to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE you to live healthier and be more active…so that you can LIVE for many years to come and enjoy the precious life that God has given you!    
So…what's new with me?  Well, about 4 weeks ago, I decided to set a goal to run my first full marathon!  Last September, I ran my first Half Marathon...it was hard, but I did it!!  I will be registering soon for the Denver Rock 'N Roll Marathon set for October 20th!  I'm very excited and nervous too!! The training schedule that I'm following has me running a long run on the weekend, then I drop back down to a shorter run, then I increase my long run by 2 miles.  The farthest distance I've ran so far is 16 miles! This Saturday, I'm scheduled to run 18 miles!

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