Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eat Clean...and Never "Diet" Again!!

I hate 'fad diets'....I don't need to name them because you know what they are. There are hundreds of books out there telling you this is the "DIET" for you!  It promises a lot...and they guarantee that you'll lose weight fast, but are you really going to eat like this for the REST OF YOUR LIFE...and KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF? 
I'm a huge supporter Tosca Reno's plan of EATING CLEAN! Anyone can follow this eating plan pretty closely...and make it a lifestyle of eating healthy! When you eat clean, you don't have to count calories, fat or Carbs!! Eating clean eliminates processed foods from your diet. One of her best resources is the Eat Clean: Basic Grocery List.  I have it hanging on my fridge as a daily reminder to eat healthy and clean!  Before you go shopping, you must first clean out everything else from your fridge and pantry so the 'temptation' of unhealthy food and snacks are not readily available.  In the first week, you'll see the pounds start to melt away and the inches fall off!!  Your skin will look clearer and more radiant, you'll have more ENERGY, and you'll feel GREAT!!  
Personally, I eat clean about 90% of the time, and the other 10% of time, I will splurge and enjoy what I want to eat...and it works for me!  The key to lasting weight to find what works for you!  Eating clean will stop cravings for sweets and help you break through a plateau if your weight loss has come to a stop, which was the case for me last year.  
If you are a "Clean Eater," please post a comment on how it's working for you! 

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